Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hermitage Cascade

This is a cascade waterfall I stumbled upon when I was biking around trying to find Canterbury Falls. I biked for over three hours with no luck, but I found this little guy instead.

I've been trying to find a map to the off-trails from the Rail Trail trailhead, which would be helpful to describe how I got there. Basically, one of the trails in the Dundas Conservation area is the Heritage Trail, and this waterfall is along that loop. You can get to it from the train station on the Rail Trail, and you can hike or bike or whatever. This waterfall is also accessible from the road - if you turn right onto Sulphur Springs road off of Rousseaux St., all you have to do is follow that until you see a parking lot on the right hand side.  The Hermitage is also nearby, which are some pretty cool ruins with some juicy/ghosty(?) history.

I was able to get one picture that made the falls look extremely impressive, but it was really hard to get one of myself in it, because I basically blocked the whole falls. Also I am terrible at self-shots.

Me, blocking the whole falls, barely smiling - one of my best from the day...

The waterfall is small, but it's cute! There is a little gazebo next to it if you want to have a picnic or read a book. And it could be something that you see along with the other attractions in the area, like the Hermitage or the Griffin House. And of course, the Rail Trail is always gorgeous and worth exploring, so this is very easily accessible!