Monday, June 25, 2012

Albion Falls and Buttermilk Falls!

I finally got some half-decent pictures of Albion Falls! If you live in or around Hamilton, you NEED to go here! I have a friend who claims that it is more impressive than Niagara Falls - not so much in a natural-wonder-of-the-world way, but in a hidden-treasure-beauty kind of way. It's definitely up there with Webster's Falls as one of Hamilton's best.

It is also extremely easy to get to if you're looking for a short hike. It is down a gorge, but there is a path and if you keep a lookout for roots you should be fine; there were a lot of kids there, so it is accessible for them too!

You can drive there easily enough - here are the directions according to Wikipedia: "exit on Dartnell Road from the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. Go south on Dartnell, then go left onto Stone Church Road East. Turn left onto Pritchard Road, then left again onto Mud Street. You will find two parking lots available on either side of Mud Street where it connects with Mountain Brow Boulevard." You can also bike there if you feel so inclined! There is an exit from the Escarpment Rail Trail into a parking lot right across the street from Albion - hopefully I can orchestrate a bike trip later this summer! You can access this trail from Corktown Park at Young St. and Ferguson Ave. S.

There was a bit less water flow than usual, but it was still gorgeous! We visited earlier this spring and in this phone photo you can see that there is a bit more water:

Albion is also fun because you can get to the terrace pretty easily from both sides of the falls, and also access it from the top. If it's a busy day, there are people scaling all sides of the gorge - it is like a huge, rock jungle gym that doesn't require rock-climbing skills. It's also pretty easy to wade around in the water and check out the 'steps' of the falls. Also since it's not a long hike, it's a great place for a picnic! There are plenty of huge rocks to lounge about on. Basically what I am saying is...go to Albion.

At the top.

So pretty, right?

We had also read that Buttermilk Falls is very close to Albion Falls - just downstream even! But once again, we would soon discover that the directions given online are not as simple as they seem.

Apparently we were just supposed to follow the stream until we reach a fork, and follow the first stream on our left. We went downstream, which was a pretty easy hike - you can follow the riverbed, or there is a path right next to it. We walked for around twenty minutes before we started to think that maybe something was up. We came across a golf course that we had found during another wandering hike and through the magic of technology we discovered that we were way past where we wanted to be. None of us had seen anything resembling a fork in the stream, but who knows.

Buttermilk is along Mountain Brow Blvd., right before it intersects with Limeridge Rd. E. We could hear the road and there was a segment of the Bruce Trail nearby, so we decided to follow it up and out of the riverbed.

The trail turned parallel to the mountain brow, so we decided to make our own way up - as per usual, it turned out to be a bit of a struggle...

Breaking through the canopy.
Struggling to survive.

Hilariously when we broke through the top we saw a marker for a trailhead less than 10 feet down the road...

We walked down Mountain Brow until we reached Buttermilk - you can also drive here easily enough from Albion Falls - go north down Mountain Brow, turn left on Limeridge, and it should be on your right!

Let me be honest...we were expecting a bit more from Buttermilk are a few pictures that influenced our expectations:

Keep in mind, it is summertime so the falls will be a bit more dried up than we will give Buttermilk the benefit of the doubt. And I mean, it's always cool seeing the different ways that the escarpment is carved out. If you go, go in the spring, or after a rainfall - I won't give up on this, and I'll be sure to check it out in more ideal conditions!

You can get a bit of a view from the lookout, but with the low water level, it's not that much to see. It looked like a pretty steep journey down, so only a couple of us ventured down. We found a way that wasn't too challenging and actually seemed like a path...the rocks almost made steps for us!

View from the top.

We also found that the riverbed was almost completely dried up, which may have accounted for our inability to see the fork to follow from the base of Albion! Either way, I'm glad I got to see curiosity is sated.

Killing time at the top of the gorge...

Even if you don't venture to the bottom, it is pretty sweet to be up among the treetops! And there is a section of the Bruce Trail nearby which you could also explore!

We decided to reward ourselves with smoothies from a new place on James St. N, the Green Smoothie Bar - extremely delicious and trendy. All in all, a good day.


  1. Thanks for photographs. I will take my family there.


  2. Beautiful pics! Thanks so much for the tour...I must go see it for myself now.

  3. Very nicely done! :)

  4. Loved your post and description of how to get to Buttermilk Falls! Thanks so much :)