Thursday, June 28, 2012

Webster's Revisited

My first post in this blog was one of Webster's falls, showing what it looked like in the winter. I went on an impromptu hike with a friend to visit it today, so I wanted to share some photos, but I also wanted to reassure everyone that you still can get to Webster's with the stairs closed!

The stairs to get down from the gorge have been the primary means of accessing the falls - there is a parking lot off of Fallsview Road, a huge lawn for picnics and lots of space to generally hang out, making Webster's a very popular destination in Hamilton.

The stairway has closed May of this year due to safety concerns, as well as to preserve the ecosystem in the area, since so many people have been visiting it. I certainly do not want to promote ways to circumvent this - and I don't think I'm doing that - because the Bruce Trail leads to the base of the falls, and since it is an established trail and all that, it should still be alright to use it to visit  Webster's. Just stay on the trail!

This is the same trail that I used to access the base of Tew's falls. You can access it by getting to the train tracks in Dundas, by the bridge where they cross King St. There is an entrance to the Bruce Trail on your left, after a few minutes of walking by the tracks.

This is just a really, really nice hike. Lots of big, mossy rocks and old trees. There are some roots and rocks to climb over, but it's pretty accessible. If you follow the main path you should get to Webster's no problem. You can also get to Tew's from here, but you'll have to hug the stream a bit more, and turn right when it forks.

The first sight of a waterfall when you are walking through the woods never gets old. The falls were a bit drier than usual, but it was still really great!


We also saw Baby Webster's Falls! I think it's adorable that it is called "baby falls." It's a lot more noticeable when you're coming up from the stream - it is a small waterfall, and I guess everyone just goes straight to Webster's.

Here are a couple other photos I have of Webster's:
Ryan in the winter

One of my Dad's photos!
Another one of my Dad's

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