Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Darnley Cascade (and a bit more on Borer's Falls)

I had quite the eventful hike this weekend! My friends and I got an early start on Saturday to try and visit as many falls as we could. We started with a visit to Borer's Falls for my one friend to check it off their list of waterfalls seen. Unfortunately it was really really dried up this time. Something I didn't mention in my last post was the viewing platform that is very easy to get to. It is just off the side of the road - and if you're okay with not getting too close to the falls, this is a great way to see it! The trouble with Borer's is that the more waterflow it might have from rain, or during spring thaw would make it very difficult to get to, as the non-trail would be extremely muddy. So this platform is a great option for taking a quick peek if you're in the area, or seeing the waterfall when it's at its best, but you can't always get the best view of the falls.

After this we headed to Darnley Cascade. I've decided it's Hamilton's cutest waterfall (technically a cascade, but I won't be pedantic about it). It is very close by to Borer's, and also Webster's and Tew's if you want to get your fill! Darnley is right off the side of Crooks Hollow Road in Dundas.

There is a parking lot just before the falls on your left, if you are heading westward. You can also park on the side of the road by the Mill ruins.

The ruins are pretty cool! They're from Darnley Mill which dates back to 1813, which was among many other mills and other industrial happenings in that area at the time.

If you walk past the ruins you will come upon Darnley Cascade in less than a minute. It is a great little section of Spencer Creek which would be so nice to read a book by, or if you wanted to have a picnic by. There is really no hiking per se, so it is also great to bring kids to; they can play nearby in Christie Conservation Area after enjoying the falls!

We were looking forward to grabbing some lunch in Dundas, but when we returned to the car we found my purse missing, and a few compartments open in the car that weren't before - so lame! It did not quite taint the hikes of the day, but it was a bit unnerving. After I cancelled all my bank cards and whatnot we still got some lunch, and I soothed myself with flipping through the photos on my camera from earlier (Epilogue: I actually got my purse and wallet returned - hooray! It was found in a stolen car across crazy. Of course my cash was missing, and also my hairbrush, but my driver's license and health card were intact! What a relief). The most disappointing thing was we did not get to go to Princess Falls as we had planned... we wanted to try out geocaching for the first time! Ah well, another time!

Darnley Cascade is really cute, and so relaxing - I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It's a nice little place to stop by, and it's right by the road. We deduced that my purse wasn't taken from the parking lot near the cascade, it was taken before, so don't let my misfortune discourage you from checking Darnley out!

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  1. Hello Hamilton falls Blogger, many thanks for the info. it was really useful when we visited Hamilton falls this early December. We visited Darnley cascade, Webster and tews falls.

    considering that not much info is available on these falls online, this blog is special. please keep updating.

    I agree that darnley is the undisputed cute cascade/falls!