Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shaver Falls

It is hard to have a waterfall blog without waterfalls! And apparently August and September are the driest months ever. Over the past couple of months I have still persisted in trying to explore new waterfalls, although most of them were unsuccessful - either they were completely dry, or they had the tiniest trickle, so I wanted to hold off and do them justice! For some reason my friends kept letting me plan hikes to dry waterfall after dry waterfall... embarrassing. Eventually we all caught on and busied ourselves with other awesome things (like starting our trek to complete the whole Bruce Trail! And other non-hiking activities... we are well-rounded people).

I have learned to control myself when I think I hear rushing water, because I can't bear to be disappointed. Wind blowing through trees sounds remarkably like a waterfall if you want it badly enough. I was out hiking a couple days ago, and I thought that I had failed again. Before giving up I decided to wander a bit further down the trail, which turned out to be a great decision!

I heard water, but stayed myself - I will just calmly walk down the trail; if I don't find a waterfall, I will just enjoy these mossy rocks. But! I found an awesome waterfall that I had actually never heard of, even though it is basically right off the Bruce Trail.

Shaver Falls is very close to Tiffany Falls, and if you want to do twenty minutes worth of exploring down the Bruce Trail, you can check out Sherman Falls as well! There are a couple of ways you can get there, which I'll detail at the end of this post.

Shaver Falls is by no means a huge waterfall, but it was still quite picturesque! It might look like there is not that much water, but it is an interesting shape with two tiers, and it is just so nestled in the side of the ravine and has such perfect spots for perching and snacking, I loved it anyway!

There is technically an Upper Shaver Falls, but it's on private property! It is partially man-made as well, so you're not missing out on anything too amazing. I am so happy I found this little gem all tucked away - what a nice surprise! I can't believe this whole time it was so close and I had not heard of it - just when I was beginning to doubt I would ever find another waterfall worth writing about...

To get to Shaver Falls, you can take a side trail to the Bruce Trail that begins from Filman Road. Filman Road comes to an end at both the top and the bottom of the escarpment and is actually 'joined' by this trail, so you can reach the trail from either direction. Just get to the dead-end, and there is a bit of parking on the side of the street. Follow this side trail until you reach the main trail - if you are coming from the top of the escarpment, stay to the left, if you're coming from the bottom, take it right. This will take you to a river, and once you cross a bridge with one railing, the falls will soon be on your left! You have to go off the trail to get to them, but you can see the falls from the trail, so it is not too hard to find.

An alternate way to get here is to park in the parking lot for Tiffany Falls, halfway up Wilson St. You can walk to an entrance to the Bruce Trail and follow that up the escarpment. Once at the top, take the trail left, and you will go back down into the ravine where Shaver Falls is found. Either way you choose, you can get there with public transit, which is an added bonus!

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