Friday, April 26, 2013

a bit of the Bruce Trail (St. Catharines)

It's been a while since I've been able to get to a Hamilton waterfall, but I'm hoping that with the semester done I will be able to trek out to Hamilton a bit more often and catch up! I did go hiking recently, but not in Hamilton. It was a pretty sweet hike along the Bruce Trail, and if you are looking for something a bit different, it is not too far away. I've been doing some installments of the Bruce Trail from the start, with the hopes of hiking the whole thing someday, and this leg was my favourite so far! We came across five waterfalls, which all got progressively better as the trail went along.

We haven’t gotten too far yet on the Bruce Trail, we are still chipping away in the St. Catharines area. This leg was pretty short, around 10km, and at an easy and exploratory pace it took my boyfriend and I around three hours. We parked one car at the end point at a parking lot on Staff Ave., in Louth Conservation Area to drive back to our starting point and pick up the other car, which was at Short Hills Conservation Area in a parking lot off Roland Road.

  Although there were some really beautiful waterfalls, the trail itself didn’t always stray far from the road. As the hike progressed it became more and more isolated, but we were always relatively close to nearby vineyards; that said, it was still the most scenic part we have hiked so far. This can still be nice for a casual walk, especially as things get more green outside!

This waterfall was our starting point; from the Short Hills parking lot there are two trails, and there is a map that shows you how to come alongside this stream. It's about a five minute walk, and you should be able to hear water as you head down! This will link you up to the Bruce Trail; facing the waterfall, we headed left.

We made some friends.

we posed with this little one because we had no idea how much better the other ones would get!

It was a bit tricky getting down to see this one, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you're up for a bit of a climb. From the edge of the gorge though, the view is still gorgeous and there are a few tiers to these falls.

On the left is our trail marker, on the right a warning sign for a shooting range :s

Last, and best.

One of my favourite waterfalls ever!

We kept promising each other we wouldn't climb down into any more gorges, but the waterfalls at the end were so beautiful, we couldn't resist! It was such a nice surprise, I had no idea there would be scenes like this. Since this trail isn’t too difficult in terms of terrain, it can easily be coopted into longer segments of the trail, and is definitely worth checking out for the waterfalls we saw!