Friday, May 17, 2013

Top Five Hamilton Waterfalls to See in Spring!

Spring is the best time to see a lot of waterfalls in Hamilton, especially since some only make an appearance around now! So it's a great opportunity to go and enjoy them. I'll have you know that this list is not just made up of my personal preferences, but is a careful calculation of more than a few factors - these are actually objectively the best springtime waterfalls, so...

5. Borer's Falls. This is a pretty cool waterfall that I just found out about last year, and it's one of those that are hard to appreciate during other seasons because of unpredictable water flow or difficulty accessing it - so springtime it is! Hiking closer to the falls is difficult, but it can be done, and there's also a lower falls to check out. I took these photos in June last year, and so it was drying up a little bit, but still wasn't too bad! You can read more of my hike here.

Lower Falls

4. Sherman Falls is beautiful 100% of the time so it belongs on the list, but you could see it any time and it would be gorgeous:


Since it's so great all of the time, just imagine how great it is in the spring! Sherman is nice for a short little walk or to take kids to, since the path is straightforward. Also I love it. Read more here and here.

3. Canterbury Falls. This is a cute little waterfall accessible from the Bruce Trail and also the Rail Trail. I've written about the hike I took to get there here and here - there are lots of different ways you can get around in that area. It's great for dogs, kids, and generally low-key hiking, but it's still one of my favourite views in the area.

2. Great Falls! Probably the most lush waterfall in the Hamilton area. When you go behind it it looks like this:

- basically tropical! And it's right next to a parking lot so you can be instantly transported into this paradise when you get out of your car. And it's also along the Bruce Trail so you can keep walking if you want to do more than take a peek over the lookout. These pictures were taken in the summer, but it's already SO green with a fair amount of water, so it has just that much more to it in the spring.

More here.

1. Number one, is of course Albion Falls. Albion can also be said to be one of the best waterfalls in the world, but it's at its best in the spring. Other times of the year it is stunning, but in the springtime it fills out, and is just wonderful. Also it's nestled in a gorge you might not even notice while driving past, so going down into the greenery is really nice. Also it's at its most accessible in the spring and summer, just because of the gorge - if it's muddy or snowy it can be difficult/ not a good idea to go down.

Normally I don't use other people's photos here, but unfortunately the only spring Albion picture I have doesn't do it justice at all:

So here's a picture from the Hamilton City of Waterfalls Website:

Photo by Chris Ecklund
It is stunning the rest of the year, but it is always nice to see it at its full flow. You can read more about hiking around Albion here and here.

Lots of beauty to enjoy, and now is the best time to do it!


  1. I read on another site that Sherman Falls are located on private property. Is it okay to hike there? Thanks for any info!

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  3. what is number 2 on the list called?

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  5. Gillian, I think they're literally called Great Falls.

  6. Yup, they are called Great Falls, also sometimes called Grindstone Falls!