Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dundas Falls

I'm a little hesitant for this post, since there is a big no trespassing sign at the top of Dundas Falls, and if you were to trespass it would actually be a little bit dangerous... so I'll just start this by saying I'm not endorsing climbing up around there at all. You can get a bit of a view by peeking your head in at the bottom, and you should probably not take kids here. With that out of the way, and in the effort of exploring all of the waterfalls in Hamilton, here goes.

Not only is Dundas Falls not a place to take children, but it looks like a place where sketchy teenagers go to hangout and do whatever they do. That said, it highlights something I love about Hamilton - the way that the city is built around its natural features. I love that there are so many different kinds of waterfalls, and even though this one is a little man made, its an extension of what was already going on here, and is a beautiful part of Dundas' history.

It is right next to what used to be Dundas District High School (now condos - do people actually live there?) and to get here you can drive, bike, or walk from downtown Dundas. I parked along Bond St. N, and you can also park along Woodleys Lane, especially if you are wanting to go for a longer hike. It is kind of fun seeing what is "underneath" Dundas Peak, and seeing some slightly lesser-known falls than Tews or Websters, even though they are close by.

Dundas Falls is at the top of King St. in Dundas, and is also just off of the Bruce Trail. As you are walking up to the base of the hill, you should see a river and an inlet to your right.

In this little inlet are stone walls to help against erosion of the escarpment, interesting grass species, and a little stone archway.

There is a path that takes you to the bottom of the falls, as well as the top. You can't really get a good view from the top, and also...

Peeking into the fence, you can only really see this tunnel, and getting a better view of the falls requires going down some quite steep, unguarded stairs.

From the bottom you can get a better view, although it still takes some maneuvering. Luckily the fence is falling apart, so you can get a little bit of a view.

"urban framing"

the really dangerous stairs that you should never go on.

It's still a little hard to get a good view, for these shots I mostly held my camera over the river.

my face just barely not blocking the falls...

These falls are just under the railway tracks that go through Dundas, that you can see from the top of Dundas Peak, or walk along to get to the bottom of Tew's and Webster's Falls (you can see these hikes in summer and fall). I also recently followed this even further, and it takes you to Lower Syndenham Falls and links up with other trails in the area. There are SO many trails that I'm just learning about, which is exciting! Also it helps to go off the beaten path when everyone is out trying to enjoy the beautiful fall colours (which are not featured in this post because it took me forever to put up).